Sympose: the affordable board portal

Sympose is the affordable board portal to manage meetings and collaborate online. Compare our prices below.

Sympose's features compare favourably with our competitors, so it offers great value for money. In short, Sympose does most of what it's competitors do, but at a fraction of the price. And what it can't do "out of the box", can usually be done via customisation.

Annual cost per user per annum over 5 years
Product Cost (ex-GST)*
Sympose $208.08
BoardEffect $279.13
Directors Desk $474.53
Diligent Boardbooks $838.64
Boardvantage $891.68

What our clients say...

“Sympose is very cost effective and easy to use. We are very pleased with the functionality of the product and the support is timely and reliable.”

- Carol Jordon, CEO Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria

"We previously used another board portal product but switched to Sympose because it provided us with everything we needed at a much lower cost. We use Sympose for our meetings and conferences. It’s a flexible and easy to use product."

- John Dixon, General Secretary, NSW Teachers Federation

Priced to save you money

Sympose is priced to save you money, whether you are still running paper-based meetings or using another product.

Like to know more?

* Please note; the above cost comparison is based on a board portal buyers guide report originally published by GreatBoards. This report was produced in 2009 and uses $US for its price comparisons. So we have converted to $AU and applied CPI indexing to equate these prices to 2020 levels. Actual current prices from competitors may vary.

The costs calculated above are based on the following assumptions:

  1. Number of meeting bodies to service: 9

  2. Number of users: 50

  3. Organisation type: Non-profit

  4. Org size: Large

  5. Discount rate for bulk purchase of 9 instances of Sympose: 46%.

  6. Discount hosting & maintenance rate for bulk purchase of 9 instances of Sympose: 33%.

  7. $ US - $ AU exchange rate 30 Jun 2009: 1.2398 (Source:

  8. CPI adjustment factor Jun 2009 to Dec 2019 1.2508 (Source:

Last updated: 29 March 2020