Sympose can be customised to exactly fit your meeting structure and processes.

Set and change meeting agendas

Meeting agenda items and sub-items can be set and then rearranged (via drag and drop handles) for any meeting. You can then publish as many pages and documents as you need for each meeting.

Extra meeting types

Sympose can be extended to handle extra meeting bodies. There is no limit to the number of meeting bodies you can manage with Sympose. However, extra meeting bodies incur an extra cost of 50% of the product price per extra meeting body.

Extra content areas

We can also create extra content areas and publish whatever pages you like to these areas. Menu items and URLs are also completely configurable using the content management system.*

Custom fields and page output

We can also further customise Sympose by adding custom fields to publishing templates, amending page layouts and content styles.*

Complete user management

Sympose gives you total control over user access to the system. Our licence gives you the power to create and manage an unlimited number of users, whether they be meeting administrators or board members.

Set content access permissions

Access to meetings, pages and individual documents can be restricted to specific user roles.

* Please note; these customisations are subject to extra costs.