Easy publishing

Easy publishing

Publishing and sending business papers for your meetings is easy with Sympose.

Easy step by step publishing

Sympose is run by filling out simple content entry forms. No technical knowledge is required to run Sympose. These forms also have WYSIWYG toolbars so you can style and see what your content will look like before you publish it. 

Because we configure Sympose to exactly match your meeting structures and processes, it's simply a matter of publishing meeting pages and documents in the same order as your agenda items.

With a few clicks, you can then automatically notify your board members that meeting content is available for them.

Automated services

Sympose has a range of the following automated services to make managing meetings easier.

  • Email notifications of upcoming meetings
  • Attendance and apology registers
  • Listing of upcoming and past meetings
  • Within-site message notifications of content updates and polls
  • Scheduled publishing and expiry of content