Feature checklist

Sympose has the following list of features as standard. Extra features can be configured upon request.


All website content password protected.
All transmission of website content encrypted with bank-grade SSL 128-bit encryption.
Best-practice, strong password management procedures automatically enforced.
Optional two-factor authentication extension.
Login flood control to protect against brute force password cracking.
Latest security updates immediatetly implemented.

Meeting management

Manage meeting types

Add, edit or delete meeting types.
Set names of meeting types.
Set descriptions of meeting types.
Set user access permissions for each meeting type (by role, selected users or a combination of both).
View usage of each meeting.

Manage default agendas

Add, edit or delete default agendas for each meeting type.
Create an unlimited number of agenda items.
Create an unlimited number of sub-agenda items.
Reorder agenda or sub-agenda items using drag 'n' drop handles.

Manage meeting rooms

Add, edit or delete meeting rooms.
For each meeting room publish the name and description.

Meeting publishing

Bulk publish meetings

Bulk publish meetings to any meeting type
Optionally change default meeting title
Set first meeting date and time
Set meeting frequency:
  • Weekly: optionally set number of weeks between meetings (eg 2 to create fortnighly meetings).
  • Monthly: set meetings by specific date of the month or day and week of the month.

Limit number of meetings by:
  • Number
  • End date.
Exclude meetings dates by:
  • Individual dates(add an unlimited number)
  • iCal date range.
Add extra meeting dates (an unlimited number).

Publish individual meetings

Optionally change default meeting title.
Set Meeting details:
  • Meeting room
  • Meeting organiser
  • Meeting type.
Optionally add introductory text for the meeting (precedes agenda)
Manage meeting dates
  • Poll meeting members for available dates or;
  • Set meeting date.
Confirm or change meeting venue address
Restrict meeting access by:
  • User role and/or
  • Selected users.
Permit meeting documents to be downloaded:
  • Individually or via
  • Single zip file of all documents.
Optionally suppress automated agenda item number (to override with your own custom numbering).
Notify meeting participants via email of meeting details.
Add default agenda items.

Publish agenda items

Add, edit or delete agenda and sub-agenda items.
Restrict access to agenda items by either role or selected users.
Add minutes of previous meeting.
Reorder agenda items.

Meeting document publishing

Add, edit or delete meeting documents.
Publish meeting documents in any major file format.
Upload and attach meeting papers to agenda items.
Change the document name at any time.
Restrict document access by either role or individual users.
Classify (tag) documents for document library search and browsing.
Enable selected meeting documents to appear in the Library content area for easy, ongoing access.


Comment on agenda items.
Annotate PDF meeting documents with comments.
Choose to share comments with other meeting members or keep private.

Member management

Add, edit and delete users.
Edit first, middle and last names.
Change user email address.
Provide guest access
Enable selected guests to upload files to share with other users
Set user roles (on a per meeting type basis).
Notify users of new accounts.
Bulk import users via CSV file.
Meeting attendance register

Online voting

Schedule poll opening and closing dates and times.
Set motion or question to be voted on.
Attach polls to selected meeting agenda items.
Add an optional description of motion or question.
Create an unlimited number of voting options.
Set maximum number of options participants can vote on.
Control timing of poll results display:
  • After voting
  • After poll is closed
  • Never.
Set custom outcome text for poll result notification.
Notify participants via email when voting opens/closes.

Meeting scheduler

Poll meeting members on available meeting dates.
Set poll to private (only administrators can view submissions) or public (all members can view submissions).
Optionally restrict meeting members to select only one meeting date.
Limit the number of meeting members who can vote for each option.
Optionally enable a fallback "maybe" option to be selected.
Add meeting date and time options for polling.
Set poll closing date and time.
View poll results showing the most preferred meeting dates.

Survey Manager

Survey publishing

Add, edit and delete surveys.
Add, edit and delete an unlimited number of form fields.
Configure a full range of form field types:
  • Date
  • Email
  • Fieldset
  • File
  • Hidden
  • Markup
  • Name
  • Number
  • Select options
  • Textarea
  • Textfield
  • Time.
Grid input options (eg on a scale of 1 to 5, rate the following factors).
Configure conditional form field display and validation.
Create multi-page forms with step-through navigation (pagebreak).

Email notification management

Set multiple recipients.
Source recipients from email form fields.
Configure email header settings.
Configure email body template.
Include form field variables.
Select and insert tokens from a library.

Survey response management

Customise survey response page content.

Set redirection location (automated or custom URL) of survey response page.

Set survey submission limits:

  • Total
  • Per user.
Open or close surveys.

Survey results management

View individual survey submissions.
View a list of survey submissions in table format.
View a summary report of survey submissions.
Configure summary report of survey submissions.
Download results in CSV format.
Configure CSV file download by:
  • Export format (MS Excel or Delimited text)
  • Column header format
  • Keys (Readable values or database keys)
  • List format (separate or compact)
  • Results data by:
    • Fields
    • Submission number ranges
    • Date ranges.

Resource publishing

Publish extra resources outside of meetings.
Add, edit or delete pages in a Resources area.
Set menu title and order.
Full WYSIWYG editing tools.
Enable and moderate comments.
Schedule publishing and expiry of pages.
Custom URLs.
Email notification to meeting participants option.

Upgrade options

File encryption
Two-factor authentication
Action items tracking
Meeting minutes publishing
Electronic signature
Calendar management
Member directory

Hosting & support

Guaranteed 99.95% uptime.
Full on-call support Mon-Fri 9-5pm AEST.
Site hosted in Australia.
Daily backups.
Offsite backup and disaster recovery service available upon request.