Sympose: the paperless meeting solution for non-profits

There are many meeting management solutions in the marketplace to run paperless meetings. These are commonly known as board portals, simply because they have been geared towards servicing company boards. But most of these products are too expensive for non-profit organisations and have many features that would be rarely used in these organisations. Sympose has been built for non-profit organisations with features you need at an affordable price.

Not just for company boards

Most board portal products service just company boards. But non-profit organisations tend to have numerous meeting bodies; internal and external. For example, a project steering committee made up of key staff members or an advisory committee made up of external stakeholders.

Sympose addresses this need by being able to manage multiple meeting bodies with separate agendas, document collections, memberships and access privileges within the one product.

Commercial board portals too expensive for non-profits

Commercial board portal products are priced for the corporate market. This means high prices for companies with big budgets. So not surprisingly many board portal products are not affordable for non-profits.

Gold plated features with a gold plated price

Many of these board portals will have sophisticated features that are expensive to develop and maintain (but would rarely be used by non-profits). These are known as gold-plated features. And with gold plated features comes gold plated prices.

Sympose provides a feature set that provides maximum value to non-profit organisations. Core features you need for efficient meeting management and online collaboration. But the capacity to extend the product with extra features you may need (view features). All at an affordable price. 

Sympose doesn't charge per user

Most commercial board portal products will charge clients on a per user basis. This is a popular way to charge more for the same product to a larger organisation.

Sympose doesn't charge on a per user basis. 

Instead, we charge based on organisation type, size and the number of meeting bodies the product will serve. With Sympose you can have an unlimited number of users and not be charged any extra.

Our pricing structure provides built-in discounts for non-profits, particularly small ones (view pricing).

Guaranteed cost savings for non-profits

As a way to ensure Sympose will save non-profits money, we offer a free meeting costs audit service. After we complete the meeting costs audit, we will make a special offer for Sympose that will guarantee your non-profit organisation a 25% saving in your meeting costs (apply for audit).

Last updated: 29 March 2020

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