The affordable board portal

Sympose provides most of the features of other board portals but at a fraction of the price.

Pay for only what you need

Most board portal products are geared towards large companies. Gold plated features with gold plated pricing.

Sympose has been designed instead to be affordable for smaller non-profit and government organisations. With Sympose you get the features you need and avoid paying for the features you don’t. 

Sympose doesn’t have expensive ongoing licence fees or charge you for each user of the system. You can have as many users as you want without the price increasing. Our ongoing fees are low and designed only to cover the hosting and maintenance of your Sympose website. A small non-profit organisation can use Sympose for as little as $111.67 (ex-GST) per meeting.

See: Price schedules

Cost-saving analysis

To understand the value that Sympose offers, take a look at the following scenario for a medium-sized government organisation using one meeting type. The analysis below shows that Sympose would pay for itself in less than 8 months of use.

Current meeting costs
Number of board members 10
Number of meetings pa 12
Number of business papers per meeting 8
Number of pages per business paper 16
Printing cost per page $0.40
Annual salary of meeting organiser $60,000.00
Number of hrs spent organising per meeting 16
Postage cost per member per meeting $9.00
Business on-costs factor 1.5
Hourly cost of organiser $45.55
Annual cost of organiser for meetings $8,744.94
Annual printing cost $6,144.00
Annual postage costs $1,1080.00
Total annual meeting organisation costs $15,968.94
Sympose costs
Product $5,400.00
Annual costs $1,200.00
Avg annual cost over 5 yrs $2,280.00
Hrs saved per meeting using MM (70% saving) 11.2
Total annual meeting organisation costs using Sympose $4,903.48
Total annual saving using Sympose $11,065.46
Number of years to recover investment 0.6

Comparison to per-user licence costs

Most of our competitors prefer to charge their clients an annual licence fee on a per user basis. The table below shows you the equivalent costs for Sympose on this basis for use of one meeting type. If extra meeting types are purchased then these per-user rates decrease.

Costs per user per annum*
  Small Medium Large
Non-profit $121.82 $138.18 $172.73
Government $176.36 $207.27 $250.91
Commercial $196.36 $227.27 $281.82

* Ex-GST. Averaged over 5 years, with 11 users (10 board members and 1 administrator).

You can also view a cost comparison with some of our competitors.

Last updated: 9 Apr 2020.