Price schedules

Sympose is an affordable product. That's why, unlike our competitors, we are happy to display our prices.

We have built-in discounts for non-profits, government, small and medium-sized organisations to provide value for money.

Please select your organisation type, size and number of meeting types from the pricing calculator to discover Sympose prices.

Extra meeting types

Sympose now has the ability to handle multiple meeting types within a single deployment of the product.

The costs for using extra meeting types in Sympose are progressively discounted. So the more people that use Sympose in your organisation the less it costs. This results in a lower cost per user per annum for the product.

Flexible payment plans

We offer flexible payment plans. You can either pay for 100% of the production price then annually for hosting and maintenance or pay for the product, hosting and maintenance on an ongoing monthly cost.

Too expensive?

If you think these prices too expensive and are not convinced you will save money using Sympose, we will conduct a free audit of your meeting administration expenses. Based on the results of this audit, we'll offer you a price for Sympose that will guarantee you a 25% saving on your current meeting administration costs.

All quoted prices are $AU ex-GST.

Price calculator